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I want you to try and put YOURSELF in the shoes of a pedophile, just for a moment. You don’t find women arousing, you don’t find men arousing, you see nothing attractive about them at all. The only thing that can make you feel in-love and make you sexually aroused is prepubescent children.

You consider yourself a normal person in every way except for your pedophilia.

It’s not your own choice to be this way, it’s just the way you’re made. That tiny error in your brain, telling your hormones to feel attracted to children.


You wish more than anything that you weren’t a sexual deviant.

It makes you hate yourself so much, but it’s just the way you’re genes and environment has caused you to be.

You can’t talk to anyone about it. It’s a (perhaps the greatest) taboo in our society to be a pedophile.

You’d rather die than letting people know.

You might be the nicest person in the world, but tell someone that you’re a pedophile, and you will be disgusting and hated. You will be “down there” with criminals like murderers and rapist.


Can this taboo be compared with something else?

Doesn’t it remind you a lot about how homosexuality used to be looked down upon?

Today, a lot of people think of homophobes as ignorant idiots.

I think that within a few decades, the today’s “pedophobes” will be treated the same way. (I know it’s different in many ways, but it’s comparable to some extent.)


And to those who don’t know: Pedophiles are not people who have sex with children. A minority of the pedophiles do. And when one do, ALL pedophiles get the blame.

Pedophiles are simple people who are attracted to prepubescent children (romantic or sexually). And they CAN NOT be blamed for this attraction. It’s not a choice, most pedophiles hate their pedophilia, and would be willing to give ANYTHING just to be normal.


So how about having some sympathy for them?

How about not hating them and telling them how gross they are, but rather try to understand the position they’re in.

It’s hard to live with a secret like that, knowing that people would despise you if they got to know that secret.


I must also say I understand why most people are disgusted by pedophilia. That’s just the natural reaction. (note how I distinguish disgust from hate)

Pedophiles are indeed a threat for parents. But the threat is only that one-out-of-a-thousand-pedophiles who would actually go out and molest a child.

Pedophiles can be rapists. Homosexuals can be rapists. Heterosexual people can be rapists.

They are then RAPISTS, regardless of their sexual orientation.


Please note that I’m not condoning sex with children, in any way. I think it is wrong, disgusting, and those who do it should be shot.)

The pedophiles who do not have sex with children show self-control, respect, they have a good sense of morals. And for this they should only be rewarded. Think about how hard it would be for you to never have sex with a woman/man again.

It can be very hard to ignore your urges.


Hate for rapists (includes child molestation) = The right response.

Hate for pedophiles = Wrong.


If you read my block of text, please tell me how you feel and what you think about this issue.












So, since we’re having a lot of foreign visitors, I thought it would be wise to post something in english, really concise and right-to-the-point, for them. I have not written the following text actually, I found it on the web, but since is so CLEAR and intelligent and beyond any refutation I thought it would be perfect to post. I’m not able to post something like that, my skills in english are limited, so if someone has already said it, and even better than you will ever be able to, why not use it?


I completely agree with all of it. It doesn’t defend sex with children and doesn’t defend people who have sex with children. It just supports paedophiles, people who were born with a different -and often problematic- sexual orientation. Pedophiles didn’t choose to be the way they are, so -as long they don’t hurt anyone- they should be helped and respected. It’s essential to defend freedom of speech, even paedophiles’ freedom of speech, which is usually overridden.


“The pedophiles who do not have sex with children show self-control, respect, they have a good sense of morals. And for this they should only be rewarded. Think about how hard it would be for you to never have sex with a woman/man again.”


PD: I don’t know if there will be more posts in English. I hope so, because we have a lot of non-spanish visitors and I think that it can only be right to communicate our ideas to them also. If I find another excellent post in English such like this, I will post it.









Debido a que el blog está recibiendo muchas visitas de gente que no habla castellano, pensé que sería inteligente postear algo en inglés –claro y conciso- para llegar también a ellos. El texto que publiqué no lo escribí yo, pero es tan claro e inteligente y más allá de cualquier refutación que es casi PERFECTO. Jamás lo pude haber escrito yo así en inglés, pero ya que alguien lo hizo, y mucho mejor de lo que yo jamás sería capaz, me pareció sabio utilizarlo.


Por otra parte estoy totalmente de acuerdo con todo lo que dice. No defiende el sexo con niños ni a los pederastas. Defiende a los PEDÒFILOS, gente que nació con una orientación sexual diferente y muy rechazada. Los paidófilos no eligieron ser quienes son y, mientras no lastimen a nadie, deberían ser ayudados y respetados. Es ESENCIAL defender la libertad de expresión, INCLUSO la de los paidófilos, que son a menudo censurados y callados.


El texto también comprende el rechazo instintivo que la gente puede llegar a sentir hacia alguien que tiene una orientación sexual diferente, pero remarca que se debe hacer una diferencia entre la reacción visceral, natural, y el liso y llano odio, es decir, la discriminación y la persecución activa.


Destaco esta oración:


“Los pedófilos que no tienen sexo con niños evidencian auto control, respeto y un buen sentido de la moral. Y por esto, deberían ser recompensados. Piensen en lo difícil que sería para ustedes no volver a tener nunca jamás sexo con una mujer u hombre”


PD: No sé si habrá más posts en inglés. Yo quiero que haya, pero tendré que ver si encuentro otro texto con las mismas calidad y verdad que este tiene.

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