All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Nothing else ever

Why just can’t somebody stand up and say that paedophiles are not all bad?

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I am fed up that ”no one” in the media or in the internet just stands up and say the true: is unfair to put all paedophiles in the same bag. Why can’t anybody enounce this fact? Someone in the media has to say this true. Someone able to reach and communicate people. Someone respected. If I have the power to reach people -for example in a newspaper or a famous website- I would undoubtedly say WTF, paedophiles are not all bad and some love children and would never hurt them. I wouldn’t give a shit about people’s reaction. It is the true. And the true has to be said. Saying that all paedophiles are rapists is like saying that all Germans are nazis or all priests are child molesters. Is a gross generalization that has to be stopped. Why can’t somebody with the power just enounce this? Fuck, I was only in the media I would do it and say the true. Is the true and nothing can do anything against it. I think that if you say the true, logic and intelligence is on your side and you have nothing to fear. I would easily refute any serious opposition against this simple truth: paedophiles are not all bad.


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