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Homosexuales que no son maricones

Ser homosexual y ser puto, marica, son dos cosas distintas. Por eso siempre es un placer encontrar un ejemplo de un verdadero homosexual con cojones, de “la vieja guardia” (?). Ojalá hubiera más homosexuales como este y menos locas.

Sobre la cuestión homosexual y pedófila, un tipo para un diario yanqui escribió esto, con respecto a la muerte de un famoso activista gay que también defendió a los pedófilos, Harry Hay -con ese apellido…-:

“Silencing any part of the movement because it was disliked or hated by mainstream culture was both a moral failing and a seriously mistaken political strategy. In Harry’s eyes, such a stance failed to grapple seriously with the reality that there would always be some aspect of the gay movement to which mainstream culture would object. By pretending the movement could be made presentable by eliminating a specific “objectionable” group — drag queens and leather people were the objects of similar purges in the 1970s and 1980s — gay leaders not only pandered to the idea of respectability but betrayed their own community.”

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