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Nothing else ever

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Everyone has a fantasy about the road pedophiles can walk on, but it is much narrower than you can imagine. The enemies of pedophilia are destroying every avenue. Child pornography is just the tip of the iceberg of social networking that the authorities are working to destroy. Ultimately, there should exist no social place for pedophiles outside of those specifically designated by the state and its authorities. No independence of thought or meaning. Pure operationalization of the population, as captive in advance, nothing but prey for the wolves, entries in the database.


If the phrase “there is nothing wrong with you” actually had merit, there would be a way for pedophiles to exist in society legitimately and openly without the constant threat of destruction (whether criminal-legal, or socio-cultural, or merely personal). But to be a pedophile is to be marked for total neutralization, since to be a pedophile is to be nothing more than a pedophile.

Neutralizing pedophilia is one of the great tasks of present day America, like the various Wars on X. And this neutralization is a broader effort than simply stamping out abuse, even generously defined as “any sexual contact with a child”. It is a neutralization of all precursors and this is why we must destroy everything related to pedophilia. No one determined to be a pedophile is safe to simply because it doesn’t happen to offend your personal tastes.



There is something disgusting about comparing the situation of pedophiles to Nazi’s. Why? Because Nazism was, among other things, about the systemic exclusion and abuse of minority populations.


Pedophiles are a minority population living under extreme conditions in the West. Whatever it’s supposed crimes (anti-Semites had a bundle of crimes the Jews were responsible for, and some were even true!), members of this population are punished collectively, and rendered politically inert, their plight utterly meaningless, passing without comment in the popular or academic press. An ideological blind spot, an abyssal space one deals with by not going there. (Also: Who cares? Not you!) The fact a new caste has emerged in the human rights meritocracy that was supposed to displace Nazism once and for all should raise some eyebrows. But nothing! Totally natural, since hating pedos is an instinct. No reference to recent history required, or desired.

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18/06/2011 a 18:53

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