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Nothing else ever



Pedophiles are men whose sexual wishes and desires for relationship bonds and love are focused either primarily or exclusively on children who have not reached puberty, whereby the relative importance of each of these three areas–sexuality, relationship, and love– may vary, as it does with other people as well. The group is very heterogeneous in terms of what its members desire and what they actually do. The objects of their desires may be boys, girls, or both; their preferences with respect to practices certainly vary (from exhibition to penetration); some have fleeting contacts with a series of children while others look for long-term relationships, which may be sort of caring or manipulative.


Many are considerate in their behavior toward children; others use force. Only few employ violent means. Some pedophiles take advantage of the offerings of the free market, with its Mafiastyle structures that brutalize forbidden forms of sexuality (child pornography, child-trading schemes, child prostitution). Others, a group whose number is unknown but which may actually include a large proportion of pedophiles, remain abstinent for extended periods of time, many even throughout their lifetimes, expressing their desires in fantasy and leading a life of self-denial at a significant emotional cost. In short, pedophilia is a type of sexuality which, like heterosexuality and homosexuality, manifests itself in a wide range of forms.  – Gunter Schmidt,%20Sexuality%20and%20Violence/The%20Dilemma%20of%20the%20Male%20Pedophile.pdf


Lo importante a destacar es que no hay una, ni dos (la “agresiva heterosexual” y la “homosentimental erótica” o algo así) ni una cantidad finita de “variedades” de pedofilia: realmente hay infinitas, una por cada pedófilo. Cada sentimiento es único, irreducible, y si bien es comparable, no significa que sea idéntico. Voy a decir lo obvio: no hay un solo tipo de pedófilo, hay infinitos. Y no hay un solo tipo de atracción por los niños. Una atracción puede ir de lo puramente sexual a lo puramente romántico pasando por todas las diferencias y gamas de grises. Y esto no es porque lo diga un experto, sino por simple sentido común: afirmar la diferencia, la complejidad, es acercarse aunque sea un poquito más, a la realidad.

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