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Más inteligente que diez mil toneladas de papel con un “análisis” sociológico, psicológico, marxista o queer

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Most strong feelings people have such as hate are based on the instinctive motivations of the animal brain. Hatreds usually spring from fear of the unknown, or fear of harm and loss. In the case of pedophilia it would be: Pedophile!=Danger to offspring!=hate/aggression. The fact that our society is constantly re-enforcing negative stereotypes about pedophilia whips the public at large into a frenzy.


In humans, a social species, part of finding belonging within the community is by hating a common enemy. It could be pedophiles, communists, gays, whatever is popular at the time. The only way to help tone down the problem is through openess and education, so that people with this philia are no longer viewed as “others” who are all out to get their children, but as simply people.



El thread tiene unos comentarios muy interesantes de awakemenow, donde dice que además de miedo a los pedófilos, también hay simplemente asco, desagrado ante la idea de que alguien pudiera sentir lo que siente. Si bien estoy de acuerdo con eso, el “asco” no es mucho mejor que el miedo: ambas son respuestas, aunque naturales, irracionales.


Aparte, el asco también puede ser influido por los medios de comunicación, que hacen creer a la gente que una persona pedófila desea o piensa cosas que en realidad no desea ni piensa.

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