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La demencia en estado puro, total

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For this reason, the pedophile could not follow the normal steps separative from the mother and hates and fears women have sex with them. His distortions of development have resulted in a lack of esteem for oneself and a lack of consideration of his body. His problems centered on sexuality make him feel his genitals inappropriate and threatened castration. This sensation down sometimes sudden exhibitionistic needs through which seeks to be reassured about the size and virility of its own member that exposes others to be admired.


The pedophile has a limited capacity to use fantasy about sexuality, does not know the nuances with which you can express sexuality among human beings, because he knew only a brute sexuality acted on his body. Has not learned how to download with fantasy excitement. Also having been abused and traumatized as a child, did not build a super-ego (the voice of conscience) can moderate his impulses. His superego, which should hold off his behavior is “corrupt” as that of parents who have been his model. This “corruption” of his consciousness can not reach even make him aware of what they are doing when we carry out acts considered shameful. Parents who did not take into account their needs have not been taught to consider the needs of others. A pedophile is missing then also experience empathy that allows him to be able to put yourself in the other, sensing what the other feels.


Como si me conociera de toda la vida doctor!



En textos como este la realidad no sólo no aparece: ni siquiera se avisora. Textos así desdeñan tan intensamente la realidad que es imposible no notarlo. Son simplemente vuelos de la imaginación del autor, que pone a funcionar todos los prejuicios y estereotipos internos para crear un modelo platónico que no existe en la realidad.



Me gustaría preguntarle al autor/autora: ¿Te das cuenta de lo que escribiste? ¿Te das cuenta del completo desinterés por la realidad, por no generalizar, por no hablar de estereotipos sino de personas reales, de carne y hueso, que presenta tu texto? ¿Te das cuenta que no está hablando de seres humanos, sino de arquetipos? ¿Te das cuenta que gente así no existe en la vida real y que estás hablando de cosas que no existen en el mundo real?



¿Cómo puede ser que generalices y digas tantas PELOTUDECES de una manera tan descomunal?

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24/07/2012 at 21:13

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