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I love you!

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Es curioso como el género musical más mala-onda del mundo (el black metal) pueda producir una de las canciones de amor más bellas.


Hello, girl. I’m sitting over here, watching you – admiring you. I’ve been watching you for a while now, and you make my stomach feel all tingly, that feeling you get when you have feelings for someone. When you’re in love.

I dont think you’ve noticed me. If only you could see how you’re shining. Beaming, as you sit there in the sunlight. I blush when I think about how I would hold you in my arms. The spring releases aromas that make me feel all ecstatic while I watch you, calmly living(playing) in your own world. I take a sip of my beer and fantasize about how you smell. I could probably walk right up to you, quickly crouch and smell the top of your head. You probably wouldn’t even spot me. Its so fantastic to see something this nice, cute and pretty.

Most things in my life as a 24-year-old are mortally boring and tedious… And then I discovered you! I wonder what your name is and what you had for breakfast. Just a moment ago, you turned your face towards the sun with a golden smile all over your perfect face. You, girl – you make me happy for this brief moment. But you have no idea about that. All you do is sit there. Your hair is so beautiful, and the dress, adorned with pink flowers, fits you perfectly. I want to show you the forest, I want to hold your dirty little hand in mine. I would let you ask me questions and I would answer with love in my heart.

I almost want to cry as I write this. The tears are there. I’m there! I dont know how to express myself, but I want to get to know you. After all, you’re so much younger than me.

When we’re in the forest it starts to get darker, and then I give you my warmth. You feel a little afraid of the dark, and then I give you safety. Then, you give yourself to me. Will I ever be a father? Will you ever be a mother?

(Presto agitato)

All of this is for you. Most of all, I would like to run up to you, hold you as tight as I can, and roll around with you on the ground. Girl, we will laugh, and then I’ll look deep into your eyes, and at the same time that all my questions are answered with the most childlike, sensual look, you disarm – you take away… All the anxiety, all the hopelessness and despair I’ve ever felt with an all-releasing:

I like you.

Your body is speaking to me, but I’m probably misinterpreting it.

I love you!

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