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Nothing else ever

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wtf (ambient)

I’m tired and I never respond to things like this. like this. things… (s) But what about John Cage? Of course one would say his music is Avant Garde. But that’s not really a genre. In fact, inside your list there is much that could be considered avant garde- ‘A huge evergrowing… ‘ etc. etc. ct. ct. CT Scan. Scandal! Scandal! …or modern. …or post modern. By now everything is ambient. Everything is everything. Nothing is anything of import unless it is ultimate truth. Stockhausen died two days ago. My sister needs antibiotics. At any rate 4’33” is the quintessential ambient composition. And Satie is the most deceptive ambient composer. Remember, if you can, HE ‘invented’ furniture music well before Brian Eno’s hospital driven invention. This like things to respond. This like things to respond. This like things to respond. I wag my head…

Written by porlaverdad3

29/08/2009 at 05:57

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