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Los parias, los locos, los enfermos, los excluidos: Titicut Follies de Frederick Wiseman



Para ver de principio a fin y llorar. Me preguntó si Foucault la habrá visto.


(Leí este comentario en el IMDb:


Psychiatry is a dangerous pseudoscience cult that is the most destructive force humanity has ever seen. Governments support this abuse of human beings for power, profit, and degradation. If psychiatry continues and people do not put an end to it, history WILL repeat itself. The suffering and deaths will continue and families will be destroyed. Psychiatry MUST be stopped. It is a CULT.


It is time to put an end to this dangerous pseudoscience and the psychiatric criminals who assault, abuse, innocent and vulnerable human beings. Psychiatrists must all be arrested and imprisoned for life for crimes against humanity.)

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